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Mission Statement

Success by Design.

SongMODEL Management, LLC. works with each client to deliver satisfaction.
With each initiative, we ensure detailed attention is provided and the vision of the client is captured and executed.
Each client is unique which is why our processes are tailored to the client, accommodating each clients need.
We celebrate the uniqueness of or clients and we deliver in such a manner.
We strive to deliver success by design.



Up And Coming Events
Up & Coming Events

The Song MODEL Story

SongMODEL Management, LLC. was founded in 2009 by Ms. Gayima Kanu. With a Business Marketing Degree from Indiana University and over 10 years of experience in Management in the Financial Banking Industry, Kanu decided to challenge herself while helping others. Ms. Kanu was asked to assist in management initiatives and special events and projects by friends and associates she has worked with in the past. The requests were simple. Help us, because we trust you to help us make the right choices. And so SongMODEL Management, LLC. was established.

Over the years, SongMODEL Management has evolved. In addition to assisting clients with Online Media Management and Event Planning, SongMODEL Management is proud to announce the newest division, Small Business Consulting.

No matter where you are located, SongMODEL can assist. Contact us today to help you with your needs. We have an awesome team available to assist with your business needs. We look forward to working with you and appreciate the continued support.